Transform the Coal
in your Soul to Diamonds

How to become a Leadership King by
polishing yourself right up to the Top

This book is about you taking a journey with yourself in becoming fully conscious of who you are, where you are, and where you want to go. You will reveal to yourself your real passions and intentions of your deepest desires.

You will want to read this book because after you eliminate all the blockages hindering you from leading a connected and fulfilling life, you will soar and illuminate your soul to the brightest gem that you are born to be. All your actions moving forward will contribute to helping others realize that they too are in control of their lives.

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About the Author

Vince Labossiere is an experienced solution specialist leadership authority helping others transform to their highest potential. Best known for his solutions oriented approach, Vince is often referred to as the Leadership King helping guide others realize they can polish their own situation to that of one with infinite value.

Vince is an award winning author providing insight to after over 25 years of earning #1 Top status in Academics, Athletics, and the corporate world (most specifically in the Biopharmaceutical industry). Recipient of the Governor General Bronze Medallion, the prestigious Most Outstanding Student Award in University, multiple President's Club Gold Awards, the Diamond Award, and captain of the Men's University Ice Hockey team, Vince has achieved the highest accolades in different areas and roles throughout his career, such as sales, marketing, and training.

Find out more about Vince at or contact him via email at

Transform the Coal in your Soul to Diamonds

How to become a Leadership King by polishing yourself right up to the Top

  • How old is your Coal?

    Learn what fuel your are burning and evolve to a more efficient fuel

  • Failing Victories

    Failures allow you to strip the inefficiencies of what you don’t want in order to win

  • Value of Soul Diamonds

    You determine the value and quantity of your treasures within you

  • Leadership Polishing Kit

    Learn from experts and polish yourself to the top

  • Follow the Leader?

    You have earned the right to make decisions towards your goals

  • ProActive = ActivePro

    Be proactive with your actions and you will become an active professional

  • Leadership is for the birds

    Take your turn leading and work with others to achieve maximum results

  • Nature's patterned secrets

    Learn patterns and create your most optimal path to success

  • Captainship is today's Leadership King

    Understand your path and guide your ship to its destination

  • Shine bright like a Diamond

    Propose to yourself with your most valuable diamonds within you


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